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Deviations by yours truly. A mixture of Poetry, Prose, and the occasional photography and paintings. Mostly writing though.

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“I'll be your next opponent,” shouted the dragon-girl.

I stood up as the woman stepped forward. She appeared to be no more than seventeen, but the look of determination sparked from her yellow eyes. The wind blew by, tossing her green pigtails around. Dressed in a yellow-orange shaolin outfit with bandages wrapped around her knuckles, she formed a tight fist and held it up, glaring at me.  I watched sparks fly from her fist as she spoke, “Lets get this over with!”

Grinning in response, I patted the dust off my pants. “Sounds like my kind of plan.” Right away I noticed her stance was different from the goat's. As I readied my sword and took my fighting stance, I watched as a bolt of lighting struck down from the sky and branched, striking both of the horns atop her head. Her eyes glowed a brighter yellow as the lightning faded away. A sparking aura now enveloped her.

“Ready?” Niu asked, looking back and forth at the two of us. We both nodded and he flagged his arm. “Begin!”

Long leaned back onto her right leg, pulling her right arm down along with her left arm that almost seemed to cross it. Her stance appeared like one used for countering, so I stayed put, prepared for countering back. She formed her fists together before thrusting it at me. “Sparking Fang Fists!” Lightning shot from her palms in the form of a dragon's head, charging fiercely at me. I jumped up in the air, only to look down and see it follow me.

“Shit...” I muttered to myself before getting shocked and falling quickly to the ground.

Smirking, Long walked up to me, cracking her fists. “Don't underestimate me, demon.”

Just as quickly as I stood back up, she jumped back, going into another stance. I glared at her pondering how to go about defeating her. If I flung her up into the air, she'd just charge up with lightning. Well, she'd do that regardless of her position. She had me with almost any lightning attack, as it would follow me wherever I turned to. Shaking my head, I began to charge at her, dragging my sword across the ground, creating a charging array of ice needles at her.

She punched the ground shouting, “Crushing Tu Fist!” Sharp pillars shot up from the ground countering my sword's attack, but I quickly appeared behind her, slashing at one of her horns. I felt resistance as I continued to try to push through one of the horns. It felt as though my blade was going dull. As she turned around to kick me in the abdomen, I quickly used my blade to freeze the partially sawed off horn. I flew back into a tree, only to see her grab her horn and release a hiss of pain.

'Though she's in pain, her horns aren't necessarily her weakness,' I thought holding my stomach. 'I'd imagine it'd be the same amount of pain as if someone were ripping off my limbs...'  Jumping down from the tree, I noticed her glaring heavily at me again. “What's wrong, beautiful? Got a case of brain freeze?”

“That... was a terrible joke, Kit,” Xiao called to me from the sideline.

“I wasn't trying,” I replied, readying my sword again.

Long exhaled heavily, trying to calm herself before going back into a fighting stance. I awaited to see what king of movement she'd try next. Taking a step back and doing a twirl, she slid on her right foot and brought her right fist back, exhaling softly. My grip tightened on my blade. Swiftly she punched with her right fist at the ground, erecting a punch of trees. I tried to dodge them, but I got caught up in one and sored with it up into the sky.

“Sparking Fang Fist!” I heard Long shout.

'Shit...' I muttered quickly turning the tree into a shield of ice. A large explosion sent chunks of ice flying every which way. As Long punched and kicked some out of her way in a flowing motion, I charged through the smoke at her with my sword turned into an ice blade, swinging to cut off both of her horns. As she went to hiss and jab at me with a sparking fist, I countered by turning my own fist into ice and punched back. Quickly kneeing her in the face, she stumbled back.

“Time to end this,” I shouted thrusting my sword at her.

She smiled at my and held her arms around. “I'm no fool. I know when I have been defeated.” My jaw dropped at her good sportsmanship as I watched my sword impale her. “I look forward to having a rematch in the future, demon.” Just as quickly as she was stabbed through the chest, the dragon turned to dust and blew away.

I walked over and picked up my sword, examining the blade. “I look very forward to a rematch as well, Long.”

Xiao dashed over to me and danced all around. “Lunch time, lunch time!” She sang.

“I could use some food,” I said smiling to her.

“I shall be right back then!” As she dashed off into the house, I walked back over to the rest of them.

“A break sure is nice.” Iaohu patted a seat next to her. “I can say I'm quite eager to fight you. It's not very often I see my relatives fall this easily.”

“Easily?” I repeated. “This is the most challenging thing I've ever done. I'm already physically exhausted.” I flopped down next to her.

“Not use to this much exercise?” She asked with a sly smile.

“Not this kind.”

Xiao quickly ran back with some bunny-shaped marshmallow treats. Her beaming smile was enough to re-energize me. The treats were tasty as well. “Eat up, everyone!”

As they quickly disappeared, I let a sigh escape my lips. “I was hoping for a longer break, but at least the snack was filling,” I replied and smiled to Xiao. “Thank you very much.”

The rabbit giggled and smiled back to me. “You're quite welcome.”

I stood up and stretched, then looked back at the family. “Ready whenever my next challenger is.”
The desert heat seemed to kick up. Ayame created a thin, silk cloak to where to protect herself from the beating sun. Her attention turned down to Imamu. “How are you holding up, Mu?” She asked, checking in periodically.

“This heat doesn't bother me, child.”

“You say that, but I can't help but think that you are just passing it off to play tough. You know, I have a friend just like you.” A faint smile crossed her face as she thought of Kit for a brief period before noticing a town up ahead. “Ah! Mu! Head towards that town.” She shouted, pointing at it.

“Very well,” he replied walking towards it.

When they arrived, the town mostly almost empty. Ayame hopped off Imamu and began to walk beside him. “I wonder where everyone is at...” She thought aloud. The sandstone buildings lacked people, as did the marketing district. It was like a ghost town. Then her eyes caught someone. A tall man dressed up in white attire with a white turban. “Excuse me, sir?” Aaya called out, running to him.

The man turned around, surprised to see her.

“I didn't think anyone else was here. Let alone someone else who is human.”

“It is quite rare to see another here,” He admitted, offering her a seat at the pub behind them. She smiled and sat down as Imamu walked up beside her and sat next to her, staring at the man. “Would you care for a glass of water? Traveling across the desert is not an easy task.”

“That's very kind of you. Yes please.” She beamed a kind smile as a tall glass of water slide down to her, yet no one was around. Ayame looked both ways. No one. Carefully she took a sip of the refreshing water.

“What brings you here? We don't get many visitors.”

“Actually, I'm in the middle of a challenge. Have you by chance seen any celestial beings?”

The man was taken aback by the girl's straightforwardness, but quickly cleared his throat. “Actually, you're not far from the palace. The palace is where the rest of them reside. Allow me to show you the way,” He said standing up.

“Oh, that's ok. I'm sure the two of us can find our way there.”

“I insist,” the man responded.

Imamu looked to Aaya before nosing her hand. “Just let him come. It's not like we've anything else to do. If he gets killed, that's his own problem.”

Biting her lower lip, Ayame nodded. “Well, I guess if Mu is fine with it, then I don't see the problem here.”

“Perfect,” The man said with a smile. “This way then.” He began walking towards the northern exit out of town with Ayame and Imamu following behind. There was silence among the three until the bridge came in sight, when Imamu stopped walking.

Ayame looked back at the lion. “What's wrong, Mu?”

“Something doesn't feel right.” He spoke, snarling towards the bridge off in the distance.

The ground began to shake a little before a large blue crab and a purple scorpion burrowed up from the earth. Inside their pincers they held a glowing celestial mark. However, unlike the previous ones Ayame faced, these had two. Her eyes narrowed at them.

“I suppose now would be a bad time to mention that I forgot about the bridge guardians...” The man spoke, running off in the distance.

“Mu, go get him. I'll take care of these guys.” Ayame rolled up her sleeves, glaring at the two gods that stood in front of her before cracking her fists. The scorpion screeched at her before diving into the sand, while the crab foamed bubbles at the mouth and began circling her. She watched it before feeling the ground shake. “You're not very smart,” She noted, jumping back from the scorpion who tried ambushing her from underground.

“Lance de le Eclaire!” Lightning spears appeared above Ayame has a yellow glow coated her hands. They charged at the two celestial beings' pincers, but were caught by them before they could hit their target. As though they were nothing, the two snapped the magical spears in half. The pink-haired girl took a step back, utterly confused. “W-what? No way! They're not even damaged...”

The scorpion let out an ear-piercing screech before whipping its stinger at the girl. As she jumped out of the way, she summoned a javelin and stabbed it right through the tail. Jumping back again, it slammed both of its pincers into the sand and burrowed. The crab lunged at Aaya with it's pincers, coming close to scratching her face.

She fell backwards, shouting “Terra le Poignard!” Rocky daggers appeared and darted straight in both of the crabs pincers, causing him to turn to dust and desegregate. Catching herself on the ground, she quickly jumped back on her feet and looked around, waiting to feel the ground move and waiting for the scorpion to show back up again.

Feeling the sand beginning to shift beneath her feet, Ayame jumped, but only to see the scorpion jump from a different direction. Surprise had caught her off guard as everything almost seemed to go in slow motion. A fireball seemed to fire from nowhere, shooting the scorpion to the side, allowing Ayame to safely land on her feet. She looked over to see Imamu dashing back.


“Young one! Are you alright!?”

“Y-yea... I thought you weren't supposed to help?”

The lion shook his head. “Now is not the time to worry about that. Finish off the scorpion!”

Turning to look at the dazed arthropod, she summoned her transparent bow and took aim at its pincer. “Céleste Acies!” The void-like arrow shot from the bow, piercing straight through both of the pincers and nailing the glowing marks. As it turned to dust and disappeared, clapping was heard from the distance. Ayame turned to see the hooded man walking from across the bridge and stopping midway.

“Congratulations, divine being,” He began with a smirk, pulling down his hood and taking off his turban to reveal his short black hair and bright green eyes. “Though you may have defeated those with the help of that lion, I must say that you won't be able to do so very easily when it comes time to challenge me, the real bridge guardian.”

“Ugh... seriously?” Ayame muttered, staring at the man. “What clown are you supposed to be?”

“Insolent--...!” Brushing his bangs out of his face, he forced a smiled. “I am Libra, true guardian of the bridge, and the one who will end your winning streak.”

“You're more than welcome to try, but I don't foresee that happening.” She brushed some sand off her shoulder and began walking towards the bridge. “Mu, please don't interfere with this. It appears I have to teach this celestial being some manors.”

The lion nodded, walking behind her, but not following her onto the bridge. “Please be careful, child,” he whispered to her.
Cancer and Scorpio, the Bridge Guardians
I do apologize for the sudden halt in my progress towards my flash fictions this month. It has been on hellova last two weeks. @___@ Literally. The end of my summer vacation is filled with nothing but waiting for doctors' appointments. Bluh. Now I'm having to pump out massive amounts of flash fics just so I can catch up.

This one shall take the place of Day 19! x.o 19/31 complete!
Sorry for the delay in my flash fictions. ^ ^;; I'm very aware at just how far behind I've become. Sunday I was experiencing some sudden health issues. By sudden, I mean that I was unaware I was capable of having them and assumed I was perfectly healthy. (You can message me for details if you wish, but it's not something I feel is that important to openly come out and say.) After taking all the rest of Sunday and all of Monday to rest, I'm hoping I'll be able to handle the rest of July pretty ok. I am very thankful for all of my friends who have shown tremendous care and have taken the time out of their day to check up on me; whether it was via text, facebook, or messaging me personally. I truly am very honored to have such wonderful friends. I love you all.

I think with the break I've taken, it is safe for me to resume working on my flash fictions. I'll just make sure I take more frequent breaks away from my laptop so that I don't have any more health problems. Maybe even look at getting me some of those Gunnar glasses in the future. Besides, my gaming systems have been very neglected. I still plan on finishing out the rest of FlashFicMonth, so don't worry. I just have to figure out where I left of at. n.n;

With love :heart:
--Danii :rose:
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“Alright. I'm back,” I announced to the family.

“It's about time,” Shanyang spoke, stepping forward. “I'll be your challenger.” He cracked his knuckles and extended a hand forward.

I grinned and took his hand, giving it a firm shake. The tension I felt from him was strong. He was ready to battle. Dressed in white roomy pants with  bandages dressed down his legs to his hooves, and from his arms to his fists, as he was ready for battle. We took to opposite sides of the garden, waiting for Niu to give us the signal. I readied my sword as Shanyang readied his fists. I had never fought someone who used fists before, so the very thought of this battle excited me. I began to feel more relaxed. 'Just think of it like a tournament,' I thought.

“Ready?” Niu asked looking from side to side.

The goat grinned to me. “You bet I am.”

“Go get 'er, Shanyang!” Gongji shouted as he threw his fist up in the air.

“Come on, Shan!” Iaohu and Ma, the horse, cheered in sync.

Looking back and forth between her family, Xiao smiled and shouted, “Don't worry, Kit! I'm cheering for you!”

Shanyang fell forward a bit before looking back at her. “Are ya nuts!?”

She giggled and stuck her tongue out at her cousin playfully. “No. I just know she's gonna kick your tail.”

“Honestly...” He muttered turning back to look at me.

“Keep your guard up,” I spoke to the goat as I gave a quick nod to Niu.

“Fight!” The Ox shouted.

I dashed in towards Shanyang the second he adverted his eyes, but it was myself that was caught off guard as he swiftly kneed me in the stomach and kicked me up in the air. Turning around in the air, I went to swing down at him with my sword, but he jumped to the side and with a bit of heat, jabbed me in the side. I flew into the wooden floor, and slide back into the sliding door behind me, taking it with me.

“Come on,” The goat spoke, cracking his neck and smirking. “Get your game together. Things haven't even begun to heat up.”

I pulled myself from the rubble, holding my side. 'How should I go about taking him out...? He's faster than I gave him credit for. It's almost like he's going to counter every move I make. But I just can't stand still. I'm either going to have to counter his counter or... provoke him into attacking...' I walked back on to the field and readied my sword again.

“Heh. Didn't you learn from your last mistake?”

“Oh. I did,” I began, then grinned and said, “I also learned that you milk yourself late at night.”

“W-what?” His face flushed red, as did everyone else. An awkward silence filled the area around us.

'Way to pull something outta nowhere that looks like it just might be true...' I thought, trying to stay focused. “Uh... yea! I heard it last night!” I continued.

Xiao looked up at the sky. “Was that what I was hearing last night...?”

He looked back at her. “You didn't hear anything!”

'Thanks for following up on that, Xiao,' I thought as I charged forward, running my finger down the blade, turning it to ice. I came up quick and smashed the ice into his side, sending him flying into the pond.

Shé smacked her face with her palm before muttering, “I'm going to have a whole lot of work to do by the time this is over...”

Shanyang sat in the water as it began to boil and steam.

“By the way, maybe you should keep your guard up instead of letting things get the best of you.” I watched him intently for any sudden movements.

“You... you were bluffing...!” He shouted, bolting from the water at me.

“Your reaction was enough for me,” I growled back, bring my blade up to block the flaming punches he threw at me. With ever block, I carefully watched how he attacked. Eventually I began blocking his kicks and knees with my sword, and his punches with my other hand. Shanyang gave out a red, fiery aura, trying to make me dizzy from the heat, but I countered by giving off an icy, cold aura. From the two clashing, a thick steam began to shroud the battlefield.

“I can't see a thing,” Iaohu noted as the steam thickened more.

Shanyang and I glared heavily at each other. “This battle is going nowhere,” I muttered.

“Agreed. Time to turn up the heat!” He shouted, igniting his fists and feet.

As he bolted at me, I jumped above him and kicked him in his back, knocking him off balance. I dragged my blade at the ground as I changed at him and as I lifted it up, I shot a wave of icy pillars his way. As it started to form larger pillars, he turned around and swung at it, smashing the top half. I came up from underneath, turning my sword's blade to ice before thrusting it up through his jaw.

His flames quickly went out and his arms went limp. The steam slowly vanished as Shanyang's body turned gray and blew away in the wind. I panted softly before standing up.

“N-no way. Shanyang lost?” Houzi, the monkey, questioned in disbelief.

“This is getting pretty exciting,” Gou, the dog, spoke before smirking.

I fell back on my rear, continuing to pant quietly to myself.

“Intermission!” Niu shouted, raising another hand up in the air.

Xiao bolted over to me. “Are you ok? Are ya?” She bounced in circles all around me.

“Y-yea... I just need to cool off a bit...” I muttered to her, falling back. The intensity from the steam made me feel a little dizzy. Iaohu walked over, dumping a pitcher of water on me and stared down blankly.

“If you're too warm, why don't you just surround yourself in ice?” The tiger asked watching Xiao poke me with a stick.

I forced myself to sit up, then turned to look at her. “I don't want to waste much more magic before the next fight.”

She grinned at me, asking in a curious yet seductive voice, “Are you telling me you have a limited use of your magic?”

“Take it for what you will,” I replied waving a hand at her. “I just don't like using a lot of magic.”

“One more fight, and it'll be lunch time. Then we can break and I'll make us all tasty marshmallow rabbit treats!” Xiao shouted in excitement.

I smiled to her and stood up. “That sounds wonderful, Xiao. I'd really like that.” I looked back at the rest of them. “So which one of you guys am I fighting next?”
The reoccurring image of the goddess Aries pointing her bow at Ayame and firing a flaming arrow at her ankle kept replaying in the angel's head, before she suddenly woke up, gasping and coated in sweat.

“What is wrong, child?” Imamu asked calmly looking to her.

“N-nothing...” Ayame said with a smile, brushing off the thought. 'How could I leave myself that open for an attack? I need to be more cautious. This spring won't last, and I need to venture away from it if I want to defeat these celestial beings quicker. I still have twelve more to go...'

“Are you ready to move on?”

“Move on?” She asked back at the lion.

“I am prepared to help you find the other twelve celestial beings you seek.” He let out a yawn, allowing his long pink tongue to roll out. “It's not like there is much for an old lion like myself to do. You're the most excitement that's come this way in at least a hundred years.”

“I keep forgetting how old you are...” Ayame muttered, scratching her cheek gently, before continuing, “I would be happy to have the company.”  Her eyes glanced down briefly as she quickly got lost in thought. 'And if anything... it keeps me from thinking all the time about Kit... It's not healthy for me to worry about her all the time. I know she's capable of her own fights, but she just gets so reckless... Is it wrong of me to worry so much?'

“Well then, we best get going,” Imamu called to Ayame, drawing her from her thoughts.

Climbing up on him, they began to make their way out of the forest.

“What direction do you wish to go?” He asked looking both ways.

“Further west. I have a hunch it'll take us to the next Celestial Being. That direction should take us through the plateau region, correct?”

Imamu nodded. “That would be very correct.” He began making his way further west.

The scenery progressively changed from jungle to a land of death, free from foliage. Rocks of every sized scattered the land, and a dry wind blew towards them. The sinking sun made the scenery a little bit cooler. The two continued progressing forward for hours on end.

“Hey, Imamu. How are you holding up? You've been walking for a while now.” She looked down at the lion.

“I'm doing fine. I appreciate you checking up on me.”

“Mmm... Let's take a break,” Ayame suggested as she hopped off of him. “I'll go look and see if I can find some wood or something to start a fire.” She patted him on his head gently and bolted off, using the tip of her finger to spark a flame so she could see where she was going.

The lion chuckled to himself, watching her. 'She's so kind.' He curled up into a ball.

“Oh! This stick here is plenty big enough for a fire!” She spoke, finding a large log. Wrapping both of her arms around the trunk, she tried pulling it before letting go. “This log is really heavy...” A loud snort blew her way, as she looked up and noticed two piercing yellow eyes.

Surprised, Aaya took a step back. “I have this feeling that the log is actually a leg...”

Stomping down on the ground, the monster shouted out, “You would be correct, challenger! I am Taurus the Crusher!” The bull reared up before stomping back down again and snorting, digging at the ground as though ready to charge.

“Aw crap...” Aaya muttered. As Taurus went to charge at her, she created a javelin and used it to catapult herself up onto his back. 'If it's like with Aries, there should be a glowing symbol somewhere on him. I just have to stab it and... Ah!' She was drawn from her thoughts, letting out a wail as the bull stopped charging and began trying to buck her off.

Taking a blind shot, she thrust the javelin between his shoulder blades to prevent from being thrown off. His horns weren't glowing, his tail wasn't anything suspicious, his hooves looked normal, and his nose ring dangled around as the thrashed. 'Where could it be...!?' She asked herself again, beginning to get annoyed. With one strong swing, the bull successfully threw her off, sending her flying onto the ground.

Knocking the air out of her, Aaya gasped a few times before pulling herself up. “Is that all you got!?” The bull asked, digging a hoof at the ground again, preparing to charge.

“You're really starting to tick me off...” She muttered slamming her hands at the ground, causing multiplex magical symbols to appear and glow a bright orange. “Cinder Pylon!” The ground at Taurus' feet began to shake before magma erupted from the ground and shot him up into the air. He came falling from the sky and hit the ground with such force, a crater formed. Ayame stood up and walked towards the crater. “I guess it wasn't on his underbelly either...” She muttered before noticing the bull moving.

His eyes flashed red as he stood up and jumped out of the hole. As he leap over her, she noticed a shining mark on the side of his back right leg. It looked like a branding mark, but never the less it glistened like the mark on Aries did. “Bingo! Now I just have to figure out how to get to it...”

When he landed, he turned around and began to charge again. Ayame dashed sideways before her hands started to glow orange again. Doing a quick back flip, the moment her hands touched the ground she shouted, “Cinder Pylon,” causing the eruption to happen again and send Taurus flying up. “Lets end this quickly,” She muttered to herself summoning her stellar bow again. “Céleste Acies!” Using the same move she used on Aries, a void-like arrow show from the bow, piercing straight through the brandish mark on Taurus' leg. His cry echoed through the wasteland before he exploded into glowing dust and was carried throughout the wind.

“Child, are you ok?” Imamu called, briskly walking up to her.

Turning to look at the lion, she smiled. “Yea. I'm fine.”

“You had been gone for quite some time, I was afraid something happened to you.”

“Everything is fine, Mu. I can handle myself.” Ayame waved her hand and laughed a little before staring up at the night sky. 'Eleven more to go...' The lion walked up behind her and sat down, staring up at the sky as well. “Hey, Mu... Those stars up there that are shining right now... Are those Aries and Taurus...?”


“So then the stars that are lacking up there are the ones I have yet to find...”

“If you want to look at it like that, then yes.”

She walked over to Imamu and jumped up on his back. “I'm ready to go look for the next one.”

“What way do you want to head?”

“Lets continue in the path we were heading before we stopped to rest.”


“Yea. That sounds good.” The lion nodded to the girl and began to take them further west, where the wasteland became more of a sand-covered desert.


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For those who do not know me, my name is Danii, but I also go by Kit and the occasional Kitsuné, which is where Kit originated from for me, as far as nicknames go. I love to write, when I have the time... I am 24, and have a cat named Geddy Lee. I get distracted easily, but above all else I enjoy having a good laugh --especially with friends. Life is all about having as damn good a time as you can, and I'll be sure to enjoy every minute I can with my friends. <3

I also do a lot of reading and play a lot of video games. PS: Swooping is bad.

My favorite animu characters include Quatre (Gundam Wing), Captain Bright (He's pretty dreamy), Riza Hawkeye, Colonel Silver (Dragon Ball), Blue Rose/Karina Lyle, Celty Sturluson, Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter, Ladd Russo.
Sorry for the delay in my flash fictions. ^ ^;; I'm very aware at just how far behind I've become. Sunday I was experiencing some sudden health issues. By sudden, I mean that I was unaware I was capable of having them and assumed I was perfectly healthy. (You can message me for details if you wish, but it's not something I feel is that important to openly come out and say.) After taking all the rest of Sunday and all of Monday to rest, I'm hoping I'll be able to handle the rest of July pretty ok. I am very thankful for all of my friends who have shown tremendous care and have taken the time out of their day to check up on me; whether it was via text, facebook, or messaging me personally. I truly am very honored to have such wonderful friends. I love you all.

I think with the break I've taken, it is safe for me to resume working on my flash fictions. I'll just make sure I take more frequent breaks away from my laptop so that I don't have any more health problems. Maybe even look at getting me some of those Gunnar glasses in the future. Besides, my gaming systems have been very neglected. I still plan on finishing out the rest of FlashFicMonth, so don't worry. I just have to figure out where I left of at. n.n;

With love :heart:
--Danii :rose:

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